Go Safe Cyber believes that internet security is a shared responsibility and that today’s parents and small business owners who are at a greater risk, deserve the know-how to secure their technology environments, both at home and on mobile. We are committed to helping you discover how to use parental controls; protect your privacy online; protect your kids, your business, and yourself online.

We provide personalized in-home service in the Durham Region and remote online support anywhere and can help you bring safety to your screen time with easy installations expertly handled…

Connect with us to feel secure, with your technology – and your family – protected.


Every customer whether family or businesses first visit with us starts with a comprehensive needs evaluation. We take the time to understand the unique challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom solution can be created.


To ensure customers satisfaction we take the necessary steps to protect and make sure that all devices that have internet access are secure to navigate the online world.


It’s never too late to set up best practices, combined with regular checkups within a learning environment to ensure that technology help us in our daily lives rather than stop us because we don’t feel safe to use it.