Protecting Your Information and Privacy Online

Providing families and small businesses with the tools and services they need to protect their information and privacy online.

We offer customized solutions to help you ensure that your internet experience remains private and secure. Good cyber-security and good digital citizenship are the new watch words…and adding to the growing list of recommended practices that businesses and parents alike must now add to their busy, increasingly connected lives.

Parenting today’s tech savvy kids can seem overwhelming so Go Safe Cyber specialists are available to guide you towards good digital parenting, helping you to minimize online exposure and any potential invasion of your privacy. Utilizing the latest tools and security options, Go Safe Cyber organizes your family’s online experience to protect your most precious assets – your kids.

We believe that internet security is a shared responsibility and that today’s parents deserve the know-how to secure their technology environments, both at home and on mobile. Discover how to use parental controls, protect your privacy online or learn how install online protections for your kids, your babysitter, and yourself.

Committed to user-friendly customer services, Go Safe Cyber operates to the highest standards of privacy protection and customer satisfaction. Assisting internet users of all ages, we provide personalized in-home service locally and remote online assistance.

Small businesses benefit from our easy access solutions to protect information assets plus assessments of security controls, vulnerability, malware defences, and more.

We can help you bring safety to your screen time with easy installations expertly handled.

Connect with us to feel secure with your technology protected.


Do you understand the effect social media can have in your child life and future?

Use social media in a positive way to share with care among family and real friends. Impress colleges and universities admission opportunities, future work prospects instead of finding rejection and disappointment.

“Increase your confidence and comfort in order to keep your family and business safe and secure being online”

Your digital reputation is defined by your behaviors, your content and the content of others.

Your personal information could be out there forever and may end up being seen by people you don’t know, including hackers, cyberbullies, potential employers, or people who want to take advantage of what they see about yourself, family and/or business.

Cleaning up our digital reputation can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. You may not be able to erase the past, but you can build a better image of yourself, your business or start your children’s image for the future.